Hi Dear Mr. /Mrs.
I’m Mehdi from Iran; I am a retired chemical engineer (level: Master of Science) who was working at mineral processing and also some industrial plants, sites and projects.
I have been working in the Engineering, manufacturing, quality and operation occupational sectors and I have an extensive management experience as a staff executive manager about 21 years. In fact, I tried to lead employee and cross functional team works to set factory, site or every program environments and solve the problems by helping all supervisors and even my colleagues to both eliminate inefficiency and increase productivity to achieve final goals.
I have also good knowledge of working with some famous international mining and engineering companies such as; ABB, METSO, OUTOTEC, NICICO.
Now, I like to improve it by finding a job at an international company according to my resume. I will try to help:
-your production, projects and operation people to increase their abilities and reach any things you want by Focusing on:
-Job division, by right administration and controlling on employee
– Management according to all organization cultures
– Creation and observation of Professional organization behavior,
-Strong hierarchy, because it is an organizational structure in which items are ranked according to levels of importance.
-Decreasing of cost, waste…….
-Discipline in Colleges, because, discipline will be upheld as a positive value, promoting even the educational and social engagement of all personals.
On the other hand; I have no permits and work visa, so I need a sponsorship to immigration and start working, because I want to relocate and get a permanent (full time) job.
Please find attached a copy of my CV for your consideration. I am an excellent candidate for your job offer and all mining, industrial and engineering vacancies as it closely matches my skills and experience.
I look forward to hearing from you eagerly.
Mehdi Kiani Tehrani
+989132911216 (Iran),
Yours truly