I have currently completed my National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and I am currently studying towards my BTech in Mechanical Engineering. I have successfully completed my in-service of being a mechanical technician at fibre wound SA, where I have practical hands on experiences such operations of factory and industrial equipment as well as project and precise engineering skills. I have worked in profibre products as a mechanical engineer graduate where I utilized my designing and project skills.
During the past years at university I gained a great theoretical and practical insight into mechanical engineering. During my studies I evolved a clear understanding in how far mechanical engineering can successfully be applied to support today’s generation. As a graduate I have balanced a rigorous course load and a number of practical’s that have allowed me to enhance my skills relevant to this role. Through my academic project work I have developed abilities in 3D design and modelling, an understanding of materials and have practiced different manufacturing technologies.
I am a very communicative person with the ability to tune quick into new problems. My aim is to work as a mechanical engineer to design and manage different projects. With my engineering coursework and practical experience, my innovative mindset and affinity for problem solving and my history of successful team projects. I believe I am a suitable candidate for this position as a technician in training, engineer in training & any mechanical engineering work related.
I believe my skills at your company will be of benefit as I will also be able to gain experience working with professional people and will also be able to learn from them to better myself. Thank you very much for your time and for considering my request, I am looking forward in hearing from you.