Perhaps one of the crucial issues is that you need to be truthful with yourself.  You cannot put down skills and qualifications that you do not have.  Not only will you be lying to yourself but you will be lying to a potential employer.  Yes, we all want to impress but going overboard and stating things that is simply not true is lying.  This can have disastrous effects if an employer should find out that this is the case.  So, take time to really consider every aspect of your personality, your education and qualifications that you have.  Write this down as truthful as you can and this would form the basis of who you are and what you have achieved in your life to date.  Then, when you have spent some time with an employer you obviously attended some courses and training whilst working for them.  This forms the basis of your on the job training and it is important that you list this as well.  Think carefully of the skills that you possess.  This is what you can actually do and what you can demonstrate that you have done in the past.  My message here is that you think carefully about everything about yourself.  And be truthful – do not lie just to get a job.  You will be found out.