In reading a job advertisement on the internet or in other media it is absolutely essential that you read the advert carefully and understand exactly what the recruiter is looking for in the ideal candidate.  They would normally highlight what qualifications are essential that the ideal candidate should possess.   They would secondly list the requirements as to what experience he/she must have and then thirdly focus on some personality traits the candidate needs to demonstrate.  Some advertisements would also list the responsibilities the successful candidate will have to take responsibility for when the start in the role.  These responsibilities would be coupled to certain outcomes expected.  In other words, what would the successful candidate be required to deliver on a daily, monthly and yearly basis?  Then in certain cases they would also list what the individual will be accountable for.  Basically it means to agree what needs to be done by a certain time and at what standard.  So it should be obvious to everyone that an advertisement will inevitably contain quite a lot of information.  It is quite essential that it is read carefully and that it is broken down in the different parts.  It is only then and once you have a clear understanding of what is required that you can start with the process of deciding whether you qualify for the position advertised.