We are living in times where the internet is taking over what we used to do some time ago.  Take job hunting for instance. Today when we search for a new position or we are first time job seekers we turn to the internet and all the recruitment websites available.  There are so many sites and we spend days on end on the PC or tablet finding a position that we believe we may qualify for.  The problem is that many of the sites sometimes feature the same positions and we end up applying for the position over and over again.  Another issue is that recruiters making use of the websites are looking for a specific individual with specific qualifications and the experience that goes with it.  This is not by chance but it is the assignment that they received from their clients.  They are tasked to look for that individual that meets all the requirements that they have put down on the advertisement.  As a job seeker it will be a total waste of time if you apply for a position online and you do not meet all or most of the criteria.  You will also be disappointed when you do not receive ANY feedback after your application.

Please help yourself by applying for those positions that you really believe you stand a better chance of making the cut.  Make sure that you meet the criteria.  But enough said on the internet and applying for positions online.

Maybe it is time that you as a job seeker take it a step further.  Many employers have their own websites.  On these sites there are often links to vacancies withing the organization.  Take time to also search the web for those employers that may have vacancies available for which you may qualify. If there is,  you can often register online directly with the employer and in so doing also have a chance of the employer taking note of your CV and your skills that may be wanted in their organization.  This takes more time but broadens your search for potential employment.

When you are seriously searching for a new position or you are a first time job seeker also have a look at the newspapers as employers often advertise directly in the printed media.  I believe this to also be an opportunity for first time job seekers as these employers will often use the printed media to look for people.

Lastly, network!!  Talk to your friends and family and people that you know are employed.  Ask them whether there are opportunities where they work or whether they know someone that might just know of an opportunity.  You will be surprised how many times you might just hear of an opportunity that exist somewhere.  Persist, continue talking and asking all the time.

Then, when you do find an opportunity, especially as a first time job seeker – take it!!!  Even if it is not your dream job or something that you would not like to do.  At least you will be earning and have the means to support yourself.  And, you have gained access into the job market.  You can always build your career from there.

All the best with your job search!!!