While considering the next part of dealing with a CV and what is required I thought I would just spend some time on you and your current job.

So often we are considering new positions to enhance our careers without taking the time and making an effort to grow in our current jobs.  It amazes me how one can think that he/she knows everything and do not focus on acquiring new skills within their current jobs.  Yes, we might be performing well in our current position and really be doing all that is required from us.  I believe that if we take time to learn and acquire additional skills it really prepare us for the next level or a new position. What you really want is to become known as an expert in what you are doing. 

Often the onus is on the individual to, on his/her own accord, take time to learn.  This could be done to observe, volunteering for short courses or simply take time to read.  You would be surprised at the wealth of information available on the internet that could help you to improve your knowledge about subject matter pertaining to your current job.  Reading up on the subject matter can and will improve your knowledge and make you stand out as someone that is better than the average person in the same position that you are currently in.

You may want to take time to observe the other employees in your company in similar positions and see how they approach tasks.  Do they do better than you?  If so, then you need to ask yourself why.  Copy them in what they are doing (learn from them, ask questions and observe) and make sure that you perform better.  Make sure that all you do falls within company procedures and if you are not certain ask!!!

You may want to approach your supervisors or management team member and ask to be sent on courses to improve your skills and knowledge.  Not only will this enable you to perform your own job better to the benefit of the company but it will also increase your abilities as an individual.  This will eventually make you more marketable when you apply for a position.

Simply put, if you are a sweeper/cleaner in your company your objective should be to be the best in that position.  To be the best will give you the edge on your fellow workers and you will simply stand out from the rest.  This is true irrespective of what position you hold within a company. By focusing in this way it will not only give you an opportunity to be considered for promotion within your current company but it would surely open up doors when you consider applying for a new position.

Focus and prepare for your future.  This growing (improving our knowledge, skills and abilities) is not a short term exercise but should be a life long quest.  It is something we do to continuously better and improve our abilities.  Always strive to grow as a person and employee within your company.  Take the time now and reap the rewards later in life!!!