During one’s career there will be a time when you decide that it is time for a change.  The reasons for this are many.  It may include issues like career growth, higher salary expectations, changes in career choices and many more.  When a decision has been made that a change in your current job status is necessary you would start looking around for positions that you may qualify for.  Here the problem starts.  I have seen on many occasions that candidates apply for positions that they do not actually qualify for.  It is absolutely essential that you are certain that you would qualify for the position you apply for.  If this is not the case you are really wasting your time and the time of the employer of agency that is dealing with your application.  You will feel that you have been done in by the advertiser and complain that they did not even bother to answer you.  Surely when you apply for a position you would expect to be a serious contender and would really want the advertiser to take your application seriously and hopefully get a response from them.  I guarantee that this will not happen if you do not qualify to be considered for the position.  My advice, even if it is not what you want to hear is simply not to apply for a position that you do not and know you do not qualify for.  Rather take time to continue to look for that special position that is tailor made for you and where you are certain that you would stand a fair chance to at least be considered as a shortlisted candidate.