Before considering a job application it is essential that you know yourself.  You need to have reached a stage in your career where you know where you are and what your plans are for the next couple of years.  In other words you need to have worked out a career path for yourself.  Questions that you need to have answered is what are my current skills that I have acquired and what can I offer a new employer if I am lucky enough to secure a new position.  Employers are not simply looking for a body that can fill a position and make up the numbers in the organization.  They have certain requirements and would expect a new appointee to come in “running” so to speak.  Really question yourself on who you are, what skills you have and what can you offer any new employer.  Start of by listing a couple of things such as, what qualification or trade do you possess,  how long have you been in your current position, what skills have you learnt,  what can you apply in the workplace from your experience and your qualifications.  This is but a few questions that you need to answer truthfully for yourself.  And, guess what – this will form the basis of your CV that you will eventually be drafting and that you will be using for your job application at some time in your career.