Having read the job advertisement you as a job seeker are ready to make a decision on whether to apply for the position available or not.  Just remember this should not be an emotional decision but a rational well thought through decision on your part.  You need to ask yourself, “Do I really qualify to be considered for the available position?”  So often I have seen that job seekers simply send their CV’s through in response to a position that they see advertised on the web.  This is just taking a chance and really shows the recruiter that you are taking a shot in the dark.  You will never get a job advertised this way and will also not even get a response from the recruiter reviewing your application. (Some recruiters however take the time to answer and send a reply)  Make sure that you have looked at the advertisement and that you at least meet most of the requirements asked for.  Make sure that you have looked at the following at least:

  • Do I have the qualifications asked for?
  • Do I have the experience asked for?
  • Have I been involved in a similar position and have I performed most of the tasks listed that would form part of the responsibilities of the person to be appointed?
  • Am I in a similar industry to the industry that is looking for a suitable candidate? (not critical but it would be helpful)
  • Will I be able to perform and deliver my services from day one?

If you can answer positively on these questions you can apply for the position with some confidence.  This will show that you have applied your mind and consider yourself to be a potential candidate that should be considered for the position.