Over the past 10 years of focusing on recruitment for client companies thousands of applications crossed my desk.  I worked through all applications in order to find the most suitable candidate for my clients.  I had to match the specifications received from my clients with the applications received from interested candidates.  Throughout this time I came to realize just how difficult this was.  The clients would require certain qualifications, applicable experience and then also asked for individuals that would fit in with the client companies.  It was very frustrating indeed as it was not easy to find the information in what was presented to me.  The CV’s lacked substance, in other words, it was a document hastily put together and sent through as an application hoping that the reader would respond.  I tried my best to respond to all applications received but resorted to a standard letter.  My experience over the years and my frustrations prompted me to start this blog in an effort to educate and mentor job seekers in the real art of applying for positions online.  It is not simply sending a CV out and expecting to get a positive answer.  It takes time and careful consideration and planning on your part when you decide to apply for a position. I appreciate that this is a mammoth task but I will try over time to highlight the critical issues to focus on when applying for a position advertised on the web and other media.  I would also welcome questions and comments and address issues that you have when reading the blog.

Please bear with me as it may take time to answer all questions and address comments.