First name : Gorgui Souleymane
Surname : DIENG
Date and place of birth : October 15th 1980 in Dakar
Nationality : Senegalese
Marital status : married
Address : P.O Box 1780 OUEST –FOIRE cité Mame Rane villa n °36
Mobile : (00221) 77 513 95 96
Email :
• Maintenance management and supervision and assistance on industrial assembly projects and regular reporting of operative activities and corrective Manager.
• Supervision of diesel combustion engines MAN 2500KW 16V240 P / P 15600KW WARTSILA 18V46 / CATERPILLAR 3516B P1350KW / MTES PIELSTICK PCL 2-5 9L P3600KW / MTU 16V4000 P 1350 KW / CUMMINS QSK45 P 895-1491 KW and KTA50-G3 1250 kVA P1000 KW
• Coordination of support program activities mounted on the interconnected network.
• Taking recorded (temperature, pressure, viscosity, fuel notches) hours of walking, add oil, crankcase gauge
• Security training and quality training in HSE (Health Safety and Environment)
• Conduct of recovery boilers exhausts gas during purging operations shift and boilers background extraction, heating consumers Central (oil, fuel, sewage).
Knowledge of the operating principle of a plant WITH COMBINED CYCLE GAS TURBINE AND STEAM TURBINE AND AUXILIARY Control compressor 30 bar and 7 bars
• Supervision of maintenance teams and execution of O & M schedule deadlines (operations and maintenance) planned (maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, oil change, greasing, sampling, TBN index, measures and compliance with deadlines and orders works).
• Control of ABB turbochargers / TPL76-77 (washing devices) and maintenance of auxiliary equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, water heaters, filters, to ensure food water, fuel, lubricant, by auxiliary energy.
• Diesel Engine * maintenance of diesel engines: cylinder liner, cylinder head, valves and rocker arms (disassembly, reassembly and Metrology) inspection of a crankshaft (bearings, bearings, spindles, shaft, connecting rods) injectors and calibration pump injection. Monitoring the metal work (welding and assembly of piping assemblies and repairs of boiler)
* Maintenance of the pumps (screw pumps, diaphragm pumps, vane pumps, multistage pumps and gear pumps) and coolers.
* Followed by the packaging of the lubricating oil and fuel through the separators
* Maintenance of auxiliary heat engines, machining power bodies, followed by overhaul of 24,000 hours and 36,000 hours.
Knowledge of fuel circuits HFO / LFO and charge air cooling -air security and launch diesel engines.
• Control of voltage regulation control room, timing, adjustment of the reagent and the coupling Reaction to control triggers and auxiliary alarms
• Graduation Thesis on centrifuges Separators oil and fuel disassembly and assembly.
• Mechanical Analysis of Diesel engine power bodies
• Mechanical Manufacturing (Turning, Milling, Grinding and Adjustment)
• Auto CAD Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics industrial solid works gear and servitude Pneumatic – Control Automation, Industrial refrigeration
• Dismantling and repairs of transfer pumps and power (braids, mechanical seals and gaskets)
• Power electronics Electrical wiring process and Solar energy
• Electronics applied to the security system, access control, remote monitoring.
2007-2008 • Certificates of English Preintermediate Level at the American Center of Nouadhibou (Mauritania)
• Certificate in Computer Alliance Franco-Mauritanian Nouadhibou
• 2003 – 2004 Lycée Technique Industriel Maurice Delafosse
• 2002 – 2003 Lycée Technique Industriel Maurice Delafosse
BTI (Technician Certificate Industry) in ELECTROMECANICAL
2001 – 2002 Lycée Technique Industriel Maurice Delafosse
CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence) in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING
• 2000 – 2001 Lycée Technique Industriel Maurice Delafosse
• 1999 – 2000 Catholic High School St. John Bosco (Côte d’Ivoire) BACCALAUREAT
Since September 2015 APR ENERGY Assistant shift supervisor
(Cap des Biches) 40 MW
01/07/2013 to 08/23/2015: Operator Mechanic Engine Room –
From 21/10/04 to 23/12/2011: TECHNICIAN VERSATILE –
From 12/2003 to 08/2004: Electromechanical skills
From 01/08/2003 to 01/11/2003: Mechanic DIESEL
From 11/02/2003 to 31/08/2003: TECHNICIAN SAHEL TRADING (LIFTS)
From9/08/2002to31/10/2002: MECHANIC SUNEOR EIB
 Team spirit and leadership qualities Big capacity of adaptation, speed and rigor in work Availability assured with excessive C driver’s license (Heavy Weights)
 French: good mastery, spoken and written English: fairly spoken and written
German: slightly spoken and written
 Basketball, checkerboard Internet
 Maintenance of cars.

Performs skilled mechanical maintenance. Performs skilled mechanical work on engines up to 2500 horsepower.
Repairs and overhauls diesel engines, which involves the disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of valves, pistons, rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, timing gears and chains, valve mechanisms, injectors, and pumps.
Repairs and adjusts reduction gears, clutches, and couplings.
Synchronize and adjusts diesel engines timing and fuel injection system.
Repairs and overhauls fire pumps, and hydraulic pumps.
Repairs starters and throttle control systems. Tests, adjusts, and repairs fuel injection pumps. Repairs and rebuilds gasoline engines, air cooled and.
Maintains records of all work performed.
Performs related duties as required.
Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair failures in engine and transmission controls. Use a wide variety of equipment manuals and manufacturer bulletins in addition to instrumentation and software guidelines and instructions. Employees also act as the liaison between the shop/region and the equipment manufacturer in order to resolve unusual and undocumented problems. Repairs and overhaul two-cycle and four-cycle engines, fuel systems, lubricating systems, and related diesel engine components.
Disassembles repairs, rebuilds and reassembles reduction gears, manual and hydraulic clutches; aligns shafts, struts and shaft logs.
Conducts test runs after completing major repairs and modifications and makes adjustments to the repaired equipment during and after the test runs.
Maintains records of all maintenance and repair work. Ability to repair and overhaul diesel engines and associated equipment. Working knowledge of the operating principles of diesel and gasoline engines; reduction gears, hydraulic, air, and electric control systems; and vacuum and pressure pumps.
Ability to determine the cause of, and procedures to follow in repairing malfunctioning equipment. Advanced knowledge of the principles, concepts, theories and operational parameters of mechanical equipment and systems including diesel and gasoline engines, drive trains, transmissions, reduction gearboxes, brakes, and steering. Ability to read and comprehend technical repair manuals, wiring, fuel systems and hydraulic/pneumatic diagrams and troubleshooting instructions. Ability to read, interpret and work from blueprints, diagrams and manuals pertinent to the maintenance and repair of the various types of marine equipment .Ability to perform field troubleshooting analysis and report findings. Progressive experience in the repair of diesel and gasoline engines, transmissions, hydraulic, air, and electric systems, and components.

Thorough knowledge of the operating and repair characteristics of the various types of engines, component parts and all related mechanical equipment.